Postpartum Doula

The postpartum period is also known as the "fourth trimester." Despite how much we prepare for life after a new baby, sometimes we quickly realize we just need more help. And this is OK! This is where we can help you as your postpartum doula team. 

Your postpartum doula will arrive to your home for designated shifts to provide the break and expertise you desire.  Whether it's catching up on sleep, taking a relaxing hot shower or benefiting from an extra set of hands to care for your little ones, the benefits of self-care for new mothers is critical.

Our postpartum services include providing evidence-based support and compassionate care on topics that you decide are important to you, which can include: newborn infant care, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, food preparation, cloth diapering, baby-wearing, overnight infant care and siblings care. Sometimes the little things make a big difference, such as having someone you can trust and count on to run your errands, do your grocery shopping, and even some light housework.

Hourly rates start at $25.

Contact us to determine what is important to you and to create a customized package to help lighten your load today. And no need to wait until after baby! Book our postpartum services in advance so you can rest at ease knowing that you will have a professional team by your side and ready to serve you.